The 7th and last BioVill Project / Steering Committee meeting was held on 29th November 2018 in Brussels, Belgium, one day after the joint Final International Conference of BioVill and the Horizon2020 project CoolHeating.

A strong emphasis was placed on the reached results and impacts in the target villages and the overall meetings of the project objectives. Furthermore, the outcomes of the techno-economic assessments and the broad and extensive communication and dissemination activities with citizens, stakeholders and politicians were highlighted. The consortium discussed the final project phase and the reporting procedures until the project end in February 2019. All partners committed themselves to keep promoting the concept of BioVill after the project end to follower villages and the international and national bioenergy community, and to continuously support the target villages in perceiving their individual BioVill implementation steps.

It was concluded that the BioVill project can be rated as successful because it has initiated the implementation of the bioenergy village approach in 7 villages in the partner countries up to the investment stage, and it has raised public acceptance and awareness for a sustainable bioenergy production and its commercial opportunities. Moreover, BioVill has strengthened the capacities and knowledge of key stakeholders and decision makers to sustainably manage bioenergy villages and to enact national and EU legislation. Altogether, the BioVill project has therefore contributed to the expansion and sustainability of the bioenergy markets in Europe and the European Union.