By the end of February 2019, we completed the 3-year BioVill project, in which Slovenian Forestry Institute participated as a project partner together with the chosen target village Dole pri Litiji. The main purpose of the project was to support the long-term increase in the use of local renewable energy sources in a sustainable way and to promote the establishment of bioenergy villages by supporting the construction of a biomass-based district heating system or individual modern boilers for wood biomass.

In order to continue to village development even after the completion of the project, on February 22nd, 2019, a letter of commitment by key stakeholders was signed. This confirmed their active involvement in the discussion over the entire duration of the project, as well as they committed themselves to actively support the development of the first bioenergy village in the »Charcoal Land«, even after the completion of the project. The signatories have committed themselves to achieve the strategic goals of using renewable energy that have been established during the BioVill project. They also committed themselves to the realization of the district heating system on wood biomass in Dole pri Litiji in order to contribute to the development of the village, to improve the quality of the living environment and to begin the establishment of energy self-sufficient village. By signing the letter of commitment, all the signatories agreed that they are interested in the construction of a new common building in Dole pri Litiji, which will combine a fire station, a charcoal house, a tourist information center and a boiler room of the biomass based district heating system. Municipality Litija will be the head of the first phase investment of Dole pri Litiji becoming an energy self-sufficient village.