Perušić is situated in the south-eastern part of the region Lika at 575 to 600 m.a.s.l., in a valley located between the railway to Gradina to the east and the hill Klis to the west. The old town Perušić is located in the place of the present-day Kula.

General information
Name Perušić
Country Croatia
County Lika-Senj County
Postal code 53202
Number of households 330
Number of inhabitants 909
Area (km2) 382.94
Local information point
Contact person Nada Marijanović,
Address King Tomislav Street 14, 53202 Perušić
Telephone number 00 385 (0) 99 497 4007
Website of the village

Available biomass potential

Agricultural land accounts for 46% of the whole municipality’s area, while the forest surface cover over 51% (mostly owned by the state) of the area. Woody biomass is the most predominant resource for the development of the bioenergy sector.

In the municipality there are 2 sawmills with small capacities and one sawmill with high capacity – company Viševica which has one of the most modern facilities for timber processing in Europe; they produce wooden sleepers, wooden elements for furniture, parquet flooring, pellets etc.

Motivation of the village to become a BioVill target village

Perušić wants to become more environmentally friendly and ensure a completely unpolluted environment with surfaces that are suitable for ecological farming. The safeguarding of natural beauties will provide the basis for ecotourism.

In addition, Perušić wants to ensure the development of the municipality as a place of high living standards and sustainable economy which makes life pleasant – living in a beautiful and almost intact environment

Forest, water, soil and air are the heritage of our ancestors, and in order to preserve them and make them the future of our children, BioVill Perušić is the next important step.

Slogan for becoming a bioenergy village