A National Conference on bioenergy villages within the BioVill project in Macedonia titled “Utilization of biomass as a renewable energy source in bioenergy villages and small communities”, was held on 19th December 2018, in Kichevo. Fifty participants partook in the conference, including representatives of the EBRD and the World Bank, Mr. Fatmir Dehari – mayor of the Municipality of Kichevo and other representatives of the local self-government, representatives of the public institutions (schools and kindergartens), the Regional Chamber in Kichevo (BioVill’s local information point), local foresters, NGOs, small and medium-sized enterprises, local and national media and citizens. The aim of the conference was to discuss the development of biomass and other renewable energy sources and energy efficiency at the local and national level, with special emphasis on the possibilities for financing and realization of the bioenergy village concept in Kichevo, developed during the BioVill project. Speakers from the international financing institutions stressed out the available opportunities for financing such concepts in the country, advising the municipalities to make the maximum use of them and apply to specific programs and calls. In order to encourage the municipality, and to spur on the next step for investing in the concept, a Letter of Commitment was signed by the mayor and the BioVill consortium represented by its member of SDEWES Skopje. With the letter, the municipality also pledged to continue acting towards sustainable development of the local community and reinforcement of the local economy, utilization of renewable energy sources and implementation of energy efficiency measures, and mitigation of environmental pollution and climate change.