After the succesfull promotion of the bioenergy village concept in the framework of the Biovill project the two target villages: Estelnic and Ghelinta are committed and highly interested in the realization of a small biomass district heating grids, in order to contribute to the environment friendly solutions, to increase the local social welfare and develop the local bioenergy sector with establishment of new green businesses.

The Mayor of Estelnic and the municipality manager representing the Local Council of Estelnic have signed a Letter of Commitment (LoC) on 16th November 2018 at the Mayoralty of Estelnic. The future development of Estelnic as a bioenergy village will continue according to the Local Bioenergy Development Strategy. In a first step it is foreseen to install a bioenergy heating system for all public institutions, based on the local biomass value chain and including the biomass resources from the local energy willow plantation.


Signing of the LoC at the Mayoralty of Estelnic, in Romania

The Mayor of Ghelinta and the deputy mayor representing the Local Council of Ghelinta have signed the a Letter of Commitment after the last BioVill citizen information day on 23rd November 2018 in Ghelinta.

For the future development of the bioenergy village concept, the village will establish a local biomass deposit to collect the local biomass residuals from different sources, like branches, wood waste from households, cleaning of public areas, etc. The local bioenergy based heating system is planned to be implemented firstly in the local public institutions, but simultaneously, the market uptake of the local bioenergy on a broader level is foreseen to be ensured by the strong local business sector.


Signing of the LoC in target village Ghelinta, Romania