Learning from best practice examples and facilitating exchange between already successfully running bioenergy villages and prospective bioenergy villages is one of the main goals of the BioVill project. The first BioVill study tour was organized in South-West Germany from Oct. 17-20, 2016. The group visited four different bioenergy villages in the region around Singen (Hohentwiel): St Peter, Büsingen, Bonndorf and Mögglingen. Participants of the study were the key stakeholders of the prospective bioenergy villages, such as local decision makers, representatives of the administration, and representatives of local companies.

The study tour covered a wide range of applied technologies, of biomass feedstock and renewable energies, of legal forms, of initiating approaches and of operating models. Furthermore, the participants got an overview about key activities during all phases of the establishment of the bioenergy villages. Occurred bottlenecks and obstacles and applied solutions were presented and recommendations provided. Because different stakeholders reported from their specific perspectives, participants learnt about different facets of the establishment and management of bioenergy villages.

The participants highlighted in particular that the direct exchange with initiators of successful bioenergy villages and with formal and informal decision makers in the visited examples was very useful and gave them impulses for their own villages.