On 15 November 2018 the final national conference of the BioVill project will be held in Ljubljana at the Forestry Institute of Slovenia.

Renewable energy sources can make an important contribution to rural development, to the creation of new jobs and to the creation of energy self-sufficient villages. The conference will present various concepts of the efficient use of renewable energy sources that have developed during the BioVill project and the opportunities for energy independence offered by wood biomass in Slovenia.
The main purpose of the conference is:

·         Presentation of ideas and establishment of Bioenergy Villages

·         Presentation of different models to support sustainable, reliable and competitive use of wood biomass

·         Presentation of good practice examples from abroad and some ideas from Slovenian locations

·         Evaluation of the current state implementation of renewable energy sources in Slovenia

Lectures will be held by foreign and domestic experts, ministry representatives, consultants from the field of agriculture, forestry and energy, representatives of local communities and other relevant stakeholders will be invited. Therefore, a large portion of time will be dedicated to an active discussion between local stakeholders and decision makers or representatives of ministries.

Lectures are free for all participants (for the sake of easier organization we ask for the announcement of participation at darja.kocjan@gozdis.si or nike.krajnc@gozdis.si).

Kindly invited!