The joint final international conference of the 3 years-projects BioVill and CoolHeating, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme to support the establishment of bioenergy villages and small modular renewable heating and cooling grids, was held on the 28th November in Brussels, Belgium.

More than eighty representatives of the EU commission, national and international partner organisations, companies involved in renewable energy as well as district heating and cooling investments and the project consortia took the opportunity to meet renewable energy experts, to talk to possible investors, and to discuss the project results and the implementation progress of renewable bioenergy villages and sustainable district heating and cooling systems in Europe.

Besides interesting presentations of the EU commission and the project partners, a highlight of the event was the vivid panel discussion, which included the audience’s perspectives, summarized the impacts of both projects on the market uptake of renewable energies for heating and cooling in Europe and accentuated the role of cities, municipalities and local communities in the energy transition processes. The BioVill project achievements were presented by GIZ project coordinator Jens Adler.

The participants confirmed at the end that the conference objective – providing a platform for the presentation and discussion of the projects results to the political, economic and scientific communities in Europe – was successfully

For more information on the event, please have a look at the Final Conference section of the BioVill website!