The 5th BioVill Project / Steering Committee meeting was held on 16th and 17th January 2018 in Skopje and Kichevo, Macedonia. A strong emphasis was placed on the current situation in the target villages, particularly the outcomes of the techno-economic assessment, the development of individual business models, the participation of citizens, stakeholders and politicians in the overall process as well as the communication and dissemination activities via networks, programs, conferences and public and social media. Before entering the third project year, all Steering Committee members and project partners committed themselves to push further the development of the bioenergy village concepts in the target countries and continue with the sound support to the local communities in establishing the bioenergy villages. During the second day of the meeting, project partners visited the Macedonian target village Kichevo, the local information point (Regional Chamber of Kichevo), and the selected site for the planned district heating system (settlement Lozhionica). In the afternoon, SDEWES-Skopje organized a local information day for the citizens in Kichevo, where Ms Renate Glaser was invited as a key actor to give a presentation on the energy transition and citizens’ and stakeholders’ engagement in Glonn, Germany. She recommended to the participants to take the case of Glonn as a lighthouse example, but to find their own way to energy transition in Kichevo. Following the two-day meeting, project partners enjoyed a handball match between Germany and Macedonia in a local tavern in Skopje that ended in a draw.