Location of the village – Estelnic – is a commune in the center of Romania, in the north-eastern part of Covasna county, it lays at the meeting point between the hilly zone of the Nemira Mountains and the Târgu Secuiesc Depression.

General information
Name Estelnic
Country Romania
County Covasna
Postal code 527143
Number of households 403
Number of inhabitants 1190
Area (km2) 97.6

Local information point
Contact person Varga Attila
Address Str. Principală, nr. 175, Estelnic, Covasna County, Romania
Telephone number 040-267-366670; Mobile: 040-745-455529
E-Mail vargaattilaesztelnek@yahoo.com
Website of the village www.estelnic.ro


Biomass potential (forest biomass, energy crops, residues, eastes, etc.):

The commune is situated in the mountains, surrounded by forest, therefore Estelnic has a very high local dendromass potential; 8134 ha forest; 3 ha energy willow; The research results show that the given local biomass potential reaches up to 99.37 % of all local RES. More specifically, the local annual biomass energy sources are distributed as follows: cereal straw is 6.55 TJ/year, sugar beet 0.19 TJ/year, orchard filed wood yields 1.29 TJ/year, forest and sawmill wood waste is 52.26 TJ/year, the local sewage sludge 1.35 TJ/year, energy willow on a few ha of degraded land 4.92 TJ/year, municipal waste 2.2 TJ/year.

Bioenergy installations and related industries

In Estelnic, a new woodchips boiler whit a capacity of 150 kW has just been installed in 18.03.2016. This woodchip boiler supplies the local public institutions like the local government building, Angustia Leader Office, the culture house, and the local school building, with heating. This project was coordinated by Green Energy Romanian Innovative Biomass Cluster and Oxford Research AS from Norway. In addition, there is a large textile company with a high demand of heating and hot steam for its operation.

Motivation for becoming a bioenergy village

Biomass is a renewable energy option that can be practical and safe, it can strengthen the local economy, and it eases the urgent strain on our planet’s ecosystem. Currently, in our county the biomass market is only poorly organized. It is necessary to find a viable solution for the biomass sector by assuring a balance between production and use of biomass. Furthermore, the local inhabitants request a cleaner and more efficient technology.
The project will develop a model of community-scale energy system, based on a heating system fueled with biomass (wood chip), obtained from local wood waste and harvested energy crops. The results of the project will be disseminated among local communities to demonstrate that the BioVill model can be a sustainable local solution to the energy problems

Estelnic, pilot of green applications

Slogan for becoming a bioenergy village