General information
Name Dole pri Litiji
Country Slovenija
Municipality Litija
Postal code 1273
Number of households 250
Number of inhabitants 766
Area (km2) 55

Local information point
Contact person Irena Bostič
Address -
Telephone number -
Website of the village

The municipality of Litija is situated in the western part of the Posavje hills and, at the same time, in the centre of Slovenia. City Litija is the local centre of the municipality, 37 km southeast of Ljubljana, in the valley of the longest Slovenian river Sava. The local community Dole pri Litiji is part of the municipality of Litija. It has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Above all, this local community is maintaining and implementing the traditional way of producing coal from wood, which also gives them the name of Charcoal Land – Oglarska dežela. In the local community Dole pri Litiji facilities are heated individually.

In Dole pri Litiji, there are several operating sawmills. Forest owners are fairly well equipped with adapted forest tractors as well as with tractors with semi-trailers for transport of wood and chips. The local community Dole pri Litiji is already working on the development of the area, supported by a locally based initiative. Since the majority of the households are individually heated using wood, the inhabitants are keen to implement the BioVill project in order to use local woody biomass.

Dole pri Litiji – the first BioVill Charcoal Land; with the hand of tradition and the future!

Slogan for becoming a bioenergy village