Village of Kostojevici

General information
Name Kostojevići
Country Serbia
Municipality Bajina Bašta
Postal code 31254
Number of households 142
Number of inhabitants 413
Area (km2) 12.13

Local information point
Contact person Dragana Ivanović
Address Dušana Višića No. 28, 31250 Bajina Bašta
Telephone number +381 31 862366, +381 69 8259814
Website of the village

Kostojevici is located in the municipality of Bajina Basta, in Western Serbia. Kostojevici is a small village, but it has some urban characteristics and is surrounded  by wooded mountains. The local school and 40 households in the village are heated by a district heating system based on crude oil.  In the surroundings of the village, the territory of the municipality of Bajina Basta is rich with woods providing good preconditions to replace crude oil with biomass as main energy source.  The Tara mountains are rich of woods. In addition, there is a certain number of wood processing facilities that should be included in the process in a proper way. By using the available local renewable energy sources more efficiently and expanding the local district heating system, it is possible to connect  more local institutions (health center, library, pharmacy, veterinary station)  and 40 additional households to the heating system.  The local district heating system could be additionally improved through connections with the local business sector (producers of beverages, small trade and car repair shops).