As a final result of the BioVill project, it is expected that the target villages in Croatia will open new investments to establish bioenergy villages. Thus, at the final stage of the project, Letters of Commitment have been signed by the involved key stakeholders in the target villages Perušić and Lekenik on the business models, which were developed with the support of the BioVill project, in order to confirm their commitment to further implement the planned development activities towards a bioenergy village.

The Letter of Commitment in the target village Perušić in Croatia was signed in the municipal office on January 10th, 2019 by four actors. The LoC with the mayor of Perušić included the imposed solutions that will be based on a combination of financial, marketing and legal instruments for public and private investments generated from loans, subsidies and grants. Thus, there is a need to combine a large number of instruments and incentives in the framework of the future financial mechanism and a need to achieve maximum leverage or to activate credit potential of private financial intermediaries, particularly of credit institutions. Public funds (predominantly EU funds) should be seen as a “capital” that will trigger financial leverage and ensure the involvement of private funding, which would enhance the implementation of the district heating network in the village Perušić.

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The Letter of Commitment in the target village Lekenik in Croatia was signed in the municipal office on January 17th, 2019 by four actors. Further activities of the stakeholders in the village with support of REGEA will especially focus on finding the most feasible financial subsidies for implementing a district heating system in the Lekenik Municipality. Considering the limited financial resources of the municipality, but also based on the discussions with key stakeholders and private entrepreneurs located in the area who might be interested in investing, it was concluded that the only feasible option to achieve the necessary investments is using subsidies and defining the municipality as the main investor.

These activities shall increase the impact of the BioVill project and contribute to a successful multiplication of the project objectives in Croatia.